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BM1 Motor Oil

BM1 as one of the top leaders in the synthetic oil market appointed Provoactive to help revamping the website in order to increase its brand awareness online, as well as provide product knowledge to the target audience. The resulting website is built in a mobile-first, fully responsive stance and brings together the many facets of the organisation through visual, dynamic representation of the content.

Tone of voice

Provoactive worked to define a more informal web tone of voice, which matched BM1’s aims to engage with the community and a broader range of potential customers.

The site was designed responsively from the start: the range of audiences BM1 was looking to engage inevitably meant designing a site for a range of devices. Using current web technologies the site responds to different devices and displays relevant content on each, while user interactions are also optimised to work on touch devices.

We helped with:
user interface, user experience, web development

BM1 Motor Oil Website

BM1 Motor Oil Website

BM1 Motor Oil Website